5th Gen CAMARO Z28



It’s no secret that you can only achieve so much naturally aspirated. When your 2014-2015 Camaro Zl1 is ready for horsepower/torque numbers beyond natural aspiration, our positive displacement supercharger kit is the right fit for you! JTM Motorsports keeps the supercharger game simple by firstly installing a basic 2.9L Whipple supercharger system with the proper fuel and cooling system upgrades for your increased power. When you’re ready for stage 2, more power and a long tube header system and more are waiting for you. If you feel that unscratchable itch for more power than the LS7 can provide, get ready for our stage 5 package. Featuring an upgraded clutch kit, an aftermarket block, and many more mods, this package is for our die-hard racers with over 1000 rear wheel horsepower. Our performance packages are entirely customizable to meet your exact gear head needs. Contact our sales team to see what package works for you today!


*All HP ratings are based on average/estimated increases.  Actual results will vary based on dyno conditions, final parts/package selection, etc.