6th Gen CAMARO ZL1 



It’s no secret that peak RPM performance is absolutely necessary to leave the drag strip with a win. If you’re ready to start adding a lot more “W”s to your drag strip record, look no further than the JTM Motorsports centrifugal supercharger kit for your 2017+ Camaro ZL1. When paired with the correct supporting parts, your ZL1 will be ready for anywhere between 700 to 1000+ horsepower. By replacing the OEM LT4 supercharger with a Procharger sheet metal intake manifold as well as other modifications, your new supercharger will be able to handle any and all pulley and boost level necessary for your power goals. With a more linear power band, you will see instant traction gains on your launch while also increasing the ability for peak RPM horsepower at launch. Our package is top of the line for both driving on the street and the drag strip. Our packages are also customizable to help you meet any and all power needs with varying horsepower based on the package that you choose. Contact us to get the best package for your performance today!

*All HP ratings are based on average/estimated increases.  Actual results will vary based on dyno conditions, final parts/package selection, etc.