6th Gen CAMARO ZL1 



Are you wanting to make big horsepower with your 6th gen Camaro ZL1 but don’t want to deal with the hassle of broken supercharger belts and heat soak? Look no further than our all new Turbo “Street” and “Race” packages featuring the all new Huron Speed twin-turbo system! Our turbo packages utilize the same platform as our proven supercharged packages, but replace the belt driven power-adder with a pair of Comp oilless turbos making for clean packaging and tire-shredding horsepower. These systems will allow your ZL1 to perform with the top cars on both the street and track while also adding a unique-factor to the car, and keeping extremely tame drivability. Our turbo packages bring out the most in your ZL1. These packages are completely customizable and performance will vary based on the final combination chosen, so make sure to consult your sales associate so that we can recommend the best package to fit your performance goals!

*All HP ratings are based on average/estimated increases.  Actual results will vary based on dyno conditions, final parts/package selection, etc.