GM TRUCKS/SUVs 2014-2018



Whether you’re looking to increase your vehicle’s towing/pulling ability, or reduce your ET at the drag strip, our positive displacement supercharger packages for the 2014-2018 GM trucks and SUV’s will help you perform beyond the competition while also providing a supercharger design that allows for extreme airflow, maximum cooling ability, and limited belt maintenance. We have also paired our higher tier packages with additional Vengeance Racing preferred performance parts such as longtube header systems, camshaft/valvetrain packages, and internal engine components to meet the needs of any gear head. Further performance beyond these packages is also available by adding items like head unit upgrades, drive system upgrades, alternative fuel options, and much more. Make sure to contact our sales team today to see how we can get your vehicle down the track or to the office faster than ever before!

*All HP ratings are based on average/estimated increases.  Actual results will vary based on dyno conditions, final parts/package selection, etc.